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The Copper Design is a company dedicated to the manufacture, sale and export of commercial copper products, all products are made by Mexican craftsmen. Our craftsmen are people with high experience in the manufacture of hammered copper. The technique of hammered copper was carried out by purhépechas since pre-Hispanic times, so this heritage has been passed on from generation to generation (from father to son), preserving the value of craft without leaving aside the new market trends and demands of our customers in the design, decor and modernity.

The artisans learn from a young age to work metal copper, so that over the years they become experts in their field, the products manufactured by our master craftsmen are craft and artistic blends, so the company makes objects that are practical and useful for the household.

The artisans are able to bind an ancient technique with a modern twist, turning the work of their hands on something really valuable.

It is truly amazing how each artisan converted through common tools, metal produced by nature a true work of art. Metal becomes art, each piece made by the hands of these incredible men is unique and unrepeatable, which adds value to products since being handmade, no product is exactly like another. All the pieces are manufactured through thousands of hammer blows.


By purchasing one of our products, you are you becoming owner of a piece with unmatched really transcendent value; creativity, effort and dedication of each of our craftsmen are recorded on the products we offer to our customers.

The most important thing to know about a craftsman, and is also the motto The Copper Design transmits them is the following:

"One machine can do the work of fifty ordinary men; no machine can do the work of one extraordinary man"


We are committed to quality products and our service, ensuring total satisfaction of our customers. We use the highest thicker copper, following the standards in the industry to ensure excellent quality and durability insurmountable.

We have highly experienced logistics service allowing us to deliver the product in a span of 3-5 days once finished. Furthermore we care about the welfare of the environment so we use 100% recycled copper, and lead free. Our pieces are handmade, each piece is "ARTISTIC" and "UNIQUE" due to the handmade process our pieces are not exactly alike, making them special and unique.

Our basic tools are a hammer, chisel and fire.


The Copper for its antibacterial properties is a must-have item in your home, office and business because it eliminates bacteria, fungi and viruses and their maintenance is quite simple.

“We invite you to have an ancestral experience with a modern hint”

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