The order is confirmed via e-mail or by phone. The order is processed once the sales staff formally assigns a purchase order number and the customer is given an approximate delivery date.


The order will be made once a 50 % deposit of the total cost of your order is confirmed, NO EXCEPTIONS. (The Copper Design is not held responsible for orders which do not meet with the required amount, the delivery period starts from the pre-payment previously mentioned.)

The rest of the payment must be covered at least 12 hours before it gets shipped out. If the deposit of the remai- ning amount hasn’t been made, your merchandise will not be delivered, NO EXCEPTIONS.

3. PAYMENT METHOD Any purchase made with The Copper Design, is simple, quick and safe.


a) Bank transfer

b) Bank Deposit

c) PayPal: An extra charge of 5% of commission

d) Other alternative payment methods are via web: (VISA, MasterCard, Conekta ...)

The Copper Design is not responsible for additional charges made to your order such as processing fees by your choice of payment. The total amount of The Copper Design must be covered, otherwise, your order will not be completed.


The Copper Design will manufacture any design.

For a more exact copy your product, you must send a sketch or photograph with the specific internal and external measurements with a front, back, superior and lateral view. The sketch or photograph must be attached to the quote requirement.


*The company is not held responsible for modifications or repairing the product regarding measurements or any other specification not shown on the sketch.

You cannot return custom products that could have been poorly installed, used or damaged during installing or unpacking.

In the case of ordering a custom product that hasn’t been created before, an additional 20% will be charged additionally from the original quoted price. 

* The guarantee of the colors can vary depending on their durability.

If you require a color which is NOT shown, a photo must be sent as it is necessary to make some sampling for its appro- val, once approved the product will be manufactured.

It is recommended to use the patina kit (maintenance) for the copper matte color.

Please check with your sales representative if the product can be manufactured in a color you desire. 


Each product passes through different types of quality inspection to make sure that the product that will be sent is exactly as you ordered.

When it is a custom, you may ask for a picture of the product for approval; your shipping might suffer a delay of up to 48 hours after the period mentioned.

After the approval and packing of the product no additional photos can be taken of the product nor will there be modifications done to it unless the costs of such changes are completely covered (new packing, modifications, damages).


A 50% discount would be given if the order is incorrect, proving that it was the company’s mistake. In case of a 15 day delay of your purchase, a 5% discount will be made and 10% after a 30 day period delay (parting from the delivery time given in the purchase order form).


The Copper Design reserves the right to cancel any purchase order at any time before its shipping and/or the full payment has not been confirmed on our end, the credit card information does not match the bank’s information, the credit card gets rejected or any other circumstances out of our control.

Once a payment has been made, it cannot be canceled. If you wish to cancel your order, a commission fee will be charged according to the process in which the product is in at the time of the cancelation.


Once the product has been approved by the customer, claims of any kind will not be accepted, except in those cases of a damaged product from the parcel service. There will be a maximum of two days after receiving the product to notify us. You must provide detailed photos of the damaged product and/or package. Returns will be accepted only in case of manufacturing defects (prior validation). You have up to 3 days to notify about an imperfection, you could receive total or partial refund or the replacement of the product, in either case it would depend on the analysis done by The Copper Design.

In case of replacing a product, The Copper Design will not be responsible for the cost of installation, uninstallation or in the case of re-installing – uninstalling nor will be held responsible for any expenses generated for the trans- portation or the re shipping of the product to the warehouse or address indicated by the company.

If you notice that your product packaging was opened or damaged when you received it, please verify that your product is complete and in good conditions, otherwise take some pictures and notify immediately.


The estimated production time is of 8 business days, shipping time from 3 to 5 business days.

In the case of bathtubs, wholesale (more than 3 pieces) and or special products, contact your sales man so that you can receive the approximate delivery date.

If you need an urgent purchase order, contact us by e-mail before placing your order.

Delivery time: 3 to 5 business days.

If you wish to use another mean of transportation different to ours, it will be quoted and you will be billed according to what you have chosen. It is important that you contact us to determine the availability of the shipping to your area.

The logistics service covers most states of the U.S., except: HI, AK, GU and PR.


Shipping of the merchandise would be made according to its size and weight; by national, international or consolidated transportation. The shipping is done according to the service requested.

No shipping is done to P.O. Boxes, APO, or FRO’S. Please, make sure you provide a physical address.

If you were to receive a product different to what you had ordered, it is possible that there could have been an exchange in the bill of lading; in this case you must contact us immediately in order to make any necessary changes.


This depends on the type of service requested; whether it is national, international, consolidated or container transportation.

If time is an important factor for your purchase, please contact us.


Shipping is done from Mexico therefore taxes might be applied on the product depending on the importing country, the customer shall be subject to cover the cost of the taxes.

If your order is going to be deliver to the United States of America, usually customs does not apply taxes when the value of the merchandise is equal to or less than $1,500.00 however it is something that we cannot control, since this depends on the US customs law. A recommendation that we can give is that as much as possible, the shipment should be partially shipped to avoid high declared values.

On replacements, if the merchandise is subject to pay import taxes, the customer will be responsible for the payment of these taxes.


The Copper Design has an unbreakable quality commitment. Each product is inspected carefully before its shipping. If a product doesn’t meet the required quality standards, the shipping is postponed, you will be notified by e-mail or by phone that your product will arrive after the date agreed on.


Monday-Friday 9:00-18:00 Central Standard Time

15. For every promotion terms and conditions will be shown.

16. Shipments and invoices will not be done when the customer has expired invoices still to be paid.

17. Quotes are valid for only 5 days from the date on which the price was shown. On quotes for special products the expiring date will be mentioned on the quote.

18. Confirmed purchase orders through a bank deposit will be on lay away, therefore they cannot be sold to another customer.

19. The Copper Design reserves the right to change prices on the products shown on the on line store at any moment.

20. The images of the products shown for the online store are illustrative.

21. The complete responsibility on behalf of The Copper Design will not exceed in any case the full amount of a product or products purchased by the customer.

22. The Copper Design reserves the right to the change the sale terms and policies at any moment.

23. The warranty of our products does not apply for those cases of varnish or any other product asked by the customer that will need a different process compared to the normal process in the making of this product as this can affect the quality of the product.


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