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The Copper Design

Pack of Copper Tiles Infinity Sun Design

Pack of Copper Tiles Infinity Sun Design

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We want you to have only the best accessories for your home decoration, we make unique pieces in copper like mugs, cups, plates and bar tools. They not only have the best look and quality, they are antibacterial and safe for use as kitchen utensils, the copper is an element present in our body, that is why it consume any food in a copper container is not just safe is recommended for your health. Traditional pieces with a touch of modernity, that gives your home a different look, beautiful, trending and fashionable with our Copper DECO Collection. Join the copper global trend with our products. It requires little easy maintenance.

Table of Packages
Size Include Covers
4" x 4"
9 pieces
1 sq. ft
6" x 6" 4 pieces 1 sq. ft.
12" x 12" 4 pieces 4 sq. ft.

  • Shape: Square 
  • Guage: guage 23
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